Law: What You Should Know


Law is a system of rules that country or community recognizes which helps in regulating the actions of its members. These rules are binding and if not followed there some penalties. Legislators write laws and may be enforced by a state or even police when supported by the court and prison systems. In many countries, laws must preserve the Constitution which is a document that outlines the most basic rules of a country. The law is made by an act becoming a bill then passed by both the Senate and House of Representatives to become law.

Laws have many functions to a country. It helps in keeping peace in a country and shape moral standards. Laws also help in the promotion of social justice, facilitating a plan and facilitating orderly change. There are two types of law, a written law and a written law and unwritten law. The written law is a type law which is the most important source of law and is enacted by certain bodies. Unwritten law is laws that are not enacted by the by the legislature, this law is not found in the written federal and states constitution. Visit for more legal help.

Law plays an important role regarding social change by shaping an impact on the society, for example, a law that settles up compulsory educational systems will help people in the society to improve their skills and expand their mind which is essential for the development of the society. Chicago Law also leads to direct relationships with the social change, for example, the one designed to prohibit polygamy.

It is an indicator of the nature of social complexity and its problems of integration. Abolition of bad practices in a society like child marriages is typical illustration of social change being brought through laws. If there won't be law people in society will do actions that are solely based on their principles because nothing will stop them, they will be able to do revenge when wronged which is bad and unlawful making the society to be full of crimes and murders.

It is, therefore, crucial to have a system of law in society to which will help to regulate good relationships between people even if they have differences. Law is the only procedure that will ensure human rights are respected hence will not have crimes occurring in our society. Children will grow up abiding by this rules; hence we will have good generations in future. To learn more about Law, visit .